14 - 17
JULY 2018


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Bolshoi Festival of Russian Music

The Bolshoi Festival of Russian Music was founded by internationally renowned film director Emir Kusturica in 2013. Gazprom Neft is the general sponsor of the festival.

The Bolshoi Festival is a flagship initiative of the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

Russia and Serbia

The key idea behind the Festival is to support talented young people from music schools and academies throughout Serbia and talented young people from across Russia, providing a platform for dialogue between talented young people in Russia and Serbia, allowing them to share experience and develop musical and cultural ties.

The Festival is supported by Russia’s Gazprom Neft as Serbia’s most significant international investor in promoting social and cultural ties between these two countries.

Festival program

The Festival includes mandatory competitive and cultural programmes, with young artists competing in the performance of classical and contemporary pieces by Russian and Serbian composers. The non-competitive cultural programme includes concerts and performances by famous Russian and Serbian musicians.

The 2015 festival saw young Russian musicians compete for the first time, thanks to support from the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, with music schools from Omsk, Tomsk, Muravlenko, Noyabrsk, Orenburg and Khanty-Mansiysk taking part.

from Russia and Serbia
The Bolshoi Festival
concerts in the
competition programme

Music gives us the opportunity to escape from our limitations, and experience real freedom. This independence of spirit — for what is, already, the fourth year — is again filling Mokra Gora.

The festival’s key symbol — of a musical matryoshka — reflects the very essence of pan-Slavonic unity, the embodiment of which can be seen in the freedom of musical expression.

Emir Kusturica
International film director and founder
of the Bolshoi Music Festival

Our objective here is the development and strengthening of cultural relations between Russia and Serbia. It is important to us that — under the auspices of the ‘Home Towns’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme — students at music schools throughout various parts of Russia play an active part in the Bolshoi Festival competition programme, and gain experience in performing at the international level. I have every confidence that, together with Emir Kusturica, we will be able to take the Festival to an entirely new level, widening representation by young Russian and Serbian musicians still further.

Alexander Dybal
Member of the Management Board
Gazprom Neft

The power of this festival is unity. It is very important for the kids to come together in the same place, and each competition marks a different stage in their lives. Their talent is a mission — given to them to change the world for the better.

Yuri Rozum
Jury Chairman


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